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I just want to say, there is NO level or class restriction. Please, if you are a new comer to RO or the woe scene, we will welcome you with open arms and no questions asked. We will usually have 5-10 people average online to help you. And we usually do, we're more than just a woe guild.

Stupid hat day
Endless tower
BB parties
Custom planned random events by Kyubey?

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Savepoint: Jawaii

Rules are simple:
-Follow the aRO rules of course.
-No trolling this thread (I don't want stupid idiots and trolls coming in here and making fun of and insulting us. That isn't cool, so please don't troll us. Although comments, good or bad, are welcome)
-DO NOT use the 'R' word!! I know this is a strange rule, but this is a really harsh word that people who are mentally challenged should not be hearing. It's really rude, so please for god sakes do not use it. For more information please check out this site:
-If you start some guild drama with some other dude/chick, don't bring us along with you, please. It should be between you and [insert name] only.
-Be active. Seriously, this isn't a guild to drop one of your none played characters on.
-Be respectful to everyone, inside the guild or not.
-Be social! One of the only fun things to do in RO is talk to other people and have a laugh, so don't be shy and nif in your little corner.
-Apparently, when someone does something, it affects the whole guild, so watch out what you do.
-If the average guildsmen level is below 90, I start kicking some people, so if you're a low lvl, just ask around for some help. And try not to get caught being low. Cheesy Only strict rule. Except we'll all be more than happy to help, I promise~

Other information
*There is NO level or class restrictions. Join the guild to your heart's content!
*Everybody has invitation rights (To balance this out, you can easily be kicked out... Sounds strange but it worked perfectly before)
*If no one is listening to you(that includes me sometimes), just throw me a PM and try to get my attention.
*Ugly hat day on Thursdays! Basically, every thursday, we wear our ugliest hats and mingle about them. If you don't wear them, we will put you at gun point and bomb your house.

Interested in joining?
Stop by in Jawaii and look for Distortion` or any BL members for information or an invite.
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